About us / Wir ueber uns

Are you speaking...?

Yes, if I'm chatting with the kids, that's German.  It's all a grand experiment, but so far, it's going swimmingly, with both children being relatively bilingual.

What school do the children attend?

Our own! We've been homeschooling since 2006. Our path has taken a sort of eclectic unschool-y, Waldorf-y direction.

Didn't you say that you worked, too?

Raising and educating children, and keeping house are certainly occupations in their own right. But, yes, I work outside of our home as well. This certainly adds its own challenge to our homeschooling, and I'm still in search of the Holy Grail of the best work-life balance. How does it all get done? Somehow, the pieces do fall into place.

How do truffula trees fit in to all of this?

I'm a Dr. Seuss fan, and have a special place in my heart for the Lorax.

"You're in charge of the last of the truffula seeds. And truffula trees are what everyone needs! Plant a new truffula. Treat it with care. Give it clean water, and feed it fresh air. Grow a forest. Protect it from axes that hack. Then the Lorax, and all of his friends may... come back."

If the seeds we sow inspire even one person to take a more sustainable action, we will have had success.  And, if that person inspires another... our collective steps toward sustainability will have even firmer rooting!

And when I am an old lady...

You might well find me wearing purple! :-)