Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A cup of tea

Inspired by the concept of Tuesday Teatime @ BraveWriter.com, we had a spot of tea ourselves this afternoon. We got our our fancy cups, and laid out embroidered handkerchiefs as our "napkins". We didn't get around to baking anything, so we pulled out some cookies we had on hand, and served these on a nice glass plate.

The first cup was spilled by an errant elbow within minutes, but S and T were unfazed. One of the highlights for them was using the metal tea holders for steeping our tea! In fact, they were so enthused by the whole tea concept that they'd like to take tea daily!

Even after all my reading about the importance of establishing a daily and weekly rhythm, this is an area that remains, well, ripe with opportunity for improvement. This afternoon's tea was, truthfully, very simple. Nevertheless, it made a big impression on S and T. So, we'll forge ahead... with more tea!

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