Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hopping from heading to heading

I suspect that last year S was classified into the percent of Kindergarteners in his class who could read.

The truth is that he does recognize a number of short words, but he's really not out of the nest yet in terms of reading. He is, on the other hand, very, very quick to memorize things. So, the other week, he learned the "Our Father" in no time at all.

Oma and Opa gifted S with a book that explains the prayer one line at a time. We've been working our way through it at bedtime. Tonight, as S looked over my shoulder, his eye caught the page heading, "Geheligt werde Dein Name." Recognizing the line, he quickly flipped ahead... to find that the next heading held the prayer's next line, and the next heading contained the following line... jumping from heading to heading until he reached the end of the book... and the prayer. What a find to make!

As a result of his familiarity with the text, and knowing what the words should be, he was able to make out the headings, some of which included some pretty complicated words. So much for being a not-so-proficient "reader". :-)

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