Saturday, May 10, 2008

Multiplication tables are more fun with a clock!

I'm in catch-up mode today... This photo is actually from early Winter...

Learning the multiplication tables was one of our goals for Grade 2. Once I learned about Robinsunne's Multiplication Clock, I knew S had to make one of these! The problem was that I was more enthusiastic about the concept than he was. Together, we persevered.

One learning we soon made was that there's a reason that your paper should be large: if, just hypothetically speaking, of course, you use an 8.5" x 11" sheet, your circles and numbers get awfully crowded. This is especially true for still-emerging writers, whose handwriting is big.

Also, despite mothers' advice to the contrary, permanent markers are exciting to use, but they bleed into the paper, causing the numbers to run together. When this occurs well into the project, you either start over (not a popular suggestion), or you find an alternate solution. In this case, that solution was to White-Out the problem, to photocopy the page, and then to rewrite what's needed [using something other than a permanent marker ;-) ].

To extend the lesson, S circled all of the square numbers - this is difficult to see in the image below, however. He discovered that the circles form a spiral. Neat!

multiplication clock

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