Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cooking lessons start with "Devil Sauce"

When I asked S when he'd like to accomplish in Grade 3, he included cooking as one of his items.  Unprompted!  Conveniently, that was one of my agenda items for him as well. :-)

Last week, our CSA had an abundance of peppers.  Hot peppers.  We were encouraged to take them by the fist-full, and the newsletter handily included a recipe for Jalapeno Hot Sauce.  This recipe calls for 20 (!) fresh jalapenos.

Papa Gardener is a hot sauce fan, and saw his name written all over that recipe.  He and the boys put it on their to-do list, and off they went, using the experience as Cooking Lesson Session #1.

Rubber gloves were pulled out for the slicing and dicing.  A while later, I received a phone call with the progress report: they should have turned on the over-the-stove fan... the fumes from the cooking sauce were gassing out the chefs!

By the time I got home, the air was clearer, and sauce jar, specially labeled by S, had claimed prime real estate in the refrigerator:

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