Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Martinstag 2008

No lanterns for us this year -- my little sidekicks didn't want to make any, so I let that go.

Instead, we made bread men -- Weckmaenner -- which was a first for us.  (We'd only made those for St. Nicholas Day. That actually threw S for a loop: he wondered what had happened to the plate of goodies St. Nicholas brings with him!  I explained that this was next month...)  I improvised ours, but here's a Weckmann recipe which looks promising.

T and I ran through a few St. Martin tunes after lunch -- he sang, and I played the melodies on the recorder.  Before dinner, S and I did the same.

We'll round out our celebration over the course of the week.  I have a bunch of outgrown clothing items in need of new homes; in honor of the day, the boys will take these bags over to a wonderful local clothes closet on Thursday.  And, S and T will get one more dose of Martinstag on Sunday during church.

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