Saturday, December 06, 2008

Einmarsch der Nikolausmaenner!

The St. Nikolaus bread man production went into overdrive!  Six batches of dough later, "Nikolaus" had produced some larger men for secretly putting on our family plates overnight, and a gazillion smaller ones for giving away.  I like to add a dash of lemon or orange extract into the mix.  Alas, when I took out my extract bottle, and poured... nothing came out.  Hmmm... I guess I had put the empty bottle back into the cabinet when I last used it.  So, this year's men were extract-free.  And, I put the extract box and bottle into the recycling bin, and made a note on the shopping list.

Our tradition is to take bread men to the children in our neighborhood (where "child" is loosely defined to include the "young-at-heart" as well).   I took both S and T along for my deliveries.  T was very proud to take the men designated for a given house into his gloved hands (it was cooold!), confidently ring the doorbell, and announce our gift.

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