Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thinking about how to avoid disposables while you're out and about...

No, Earth Day typically isn't a gift-giving occasion, at least not in our household.  But this year, I think I'll be making an exception...

We're pretty good about packing lunches in reusable containers.  What we don't seem to be so good about is being prepared for those eventualities while away from home: having that utensil, napkin, or cup for times when we're not expecting to need one.

Or, there's the case we had this afternoon, while attending a program for the boys: the children had a break during which a snack was served.  The food didn't need plates or napkins.  But, the juice was doled out in plastic cups.  T had a drink, and then gave me his cup to hold, as there was still some juice left in it. (Thanks! Good thing I didn't need the use of both hands at the time!) He came back, finished, and we parents cleaned up the snack fixin's.  I put the cup into the trash.  A half hour later, T announced that he was thirsty.  Had I only saved the cup!

So, I'm thinking that Earth Day will bring us some sort of out-and-about kit.  The ingredients I'm considering are:
  • Utensil wrap - I've discovered these nice utensil sets from To-Go Ware.   The thing is that we already have plenty of forks, knives, and spoons.  Granted, they are metal, and not lighter-weight bamboo.  But, buying more when we already have enough seems, well, not green.  I have plenty of fabric, too.  All I need to do is whip up a wrap for said utensils.  Right, that takes time, of which I do not have plenty, but that's another blog post - LOL.
  • Cloth napkin - T and I have sewn up some of these, and I know he'd be happy to oblige in making more.  First, I thought that the utensil wrap could do double-duty as a napkin, but that idea falls apart when you consider what to do if the napkin truly gets used to do some wiping.  Exactly!  You'd have a problem.  So, a separate napkin it is!
  • Cup or bottle - We used to take sippy cups on the road.  (Yes, the plastic ones.  That was in the days before I was on my use-less-plastic track.  It was also before the boys decided that sippy cups are for babies.  Which they are no longer.)  Maybe something along the lines of Sigg or Kleen Kanteen?  For some purposes, a simple cup would do also.  Hmm... More research is needed.

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