Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lavender Shortbread for the Summer Solstice

The lavender in our garden is looking fabulous, and the many visiting bees we welcome every day think so, too!  I've been expanding my culinary herb horizons this season, and I thought about what to bake for this Summer Solstice, Lavender Shortbread came to mind, and wouldn't leave.  Recipe decision settled!  Out into the garden I went, scissors in hand to bring in some of the beautiful and fragrant blooms.

I used the Lavendar Shortbread recipe from Renee's Garden

Review:  Because this was my first-ever use of culinary lavender, I wanted to taste it by itself.  Therefore, I omitted the mint.  And, because I didn't have any lavender powered sugar, I used confectioner's sugar.  My little "baking assistants" were excited to note that the dough was egg-free.  (This freed them up to lick their spoons once the mixing was finished!)  The cookies passed Quality Control with flying colors.  The cookies had a delightful floral note, which some of my tasters mis-identified as vanilla.  This recipe is a keeper!



  1. Thanks for sharing! Very interesting, have to try it.

  2. The cookies look yummy! I will have to try making them :) Thanks for the wonderful post about St. John and the berries. I enjoyed reading it and learned a few new things, which is always a bonus :)