Wednesday, April 07, 2010

To buy, or not to buy a Buch - maybe we can help you

We are fortunate to have a branch of our public library system nearby.  Between all of our family members, we go there several times each week.  Many, many titles have come in and out of our house.

There's just one thing... the books are all in English!  When I was a child, the library system included some German books, too, but that's no longer a language it supports.  That means our selection of German-language books is limited to those we have at home.  That's why I'm all the happier to know of Alphabet Garten, an online bookstore for German books, videos, and DVDs for kids... on this side of the Atlantic!  And, it's a mama-owned home-based business!

When the opportunity came to review books for Alphabet Garten, I submitted an application.  The result was that... a box of books arrived on the front porch for me!

Sarah, Alphabet Garten's owner, added some thoughtful touches, including this colorful Buchwurm bookmark.  The bookmark wishes Viel Spass beim Lesen!  Thanks, we did have a lot of Spass, so much so that T asked me to reread one of the books to him right away.

My first review has been posted, and there are a few others in the pipeline.  Viel Spass beim Lesen!


  1. Hi Truffula! I'm so glad you enjoyed the books. Thanks for the post :)


  2. Oh, neat! We really love Alphabet Garten and plan to continue ordering from them. :)