Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soaring on eagles' spirals

With our next homeschool review coming up, I'm working on my documentation.  Here are a few notes about our second Man and Animal block before I return the books to the library...

  • Eagles: Lions of the Sky, by Emery Bernhard
  • Soaring with the Wind: The Bald Eagle, by Gail Gibbons
  • Eagle & Birds of Prey, by Jemima Parry-Jones
  • Keepers of the Animals, by Michael Caduto and Joseph Bruchac (Eagle Boy story)
Interesting, I thought S would love "Eagle & Birds of Prey".  It's a Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Book, and has loads of photos in it.  I checked out "Eagles: Lions of the Sky" just for good measure: it has lovely but simple illustrations, and my guess was that S would find it too easy.  Surprise!  The latter was by far his favorite.  When I asked him why, he told me how much he liked the pictures, and the fact that it told a story about eagles.  Score another point for the power of stories!

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