Thursday, October 12, 2006

Number qualities: the power of One

As with form drawing, I was feeling guilty about falling "behind" in math, too. Even though S knows his numbers, I wanted to start him off with a block on the qualities of numbers. I reread Marsha Johnson's helpful article about this, and... off we went!

I wasn't too confident in my storytelling ability, but over dinner, did my best to retell Marsha's tale of embarking on a journey and ending up at the feet of an old woman who asked "What is one?" To my surprise, I had S's full attention -- the story speaks for itself, I guess, even when delivered by a rank novice.

S, never one to want to wait for a surprise, impatiently asked me how the story continued. "You'll find out tomorrow" didn't satisfy him. What finally did the trick was that I told him I needed to find out the answer myself, and that it would be given to my overnight as I slept!

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