Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tea for dessert today

Afternoon teatime didn't work out for us today, so we postponed it to our after-dinner dessert!

Our repast was founded upon wanting to put the last beets from our CSA share to good use. A few minutes on the web led me to this recipe for Carrot-Beet Cake. (That was just fine, since our final farm pickup included carrots.)

S and T grated the beets and carrots for me, trading turns. After they were done, S announced that he didn't like beets, so he didn't like the cake. [More for me, then? :-) ]. The ingredient compilation and mixing was a group process, and we poured the results into our Bundt pan for baking. It's amazing that the cake ever got done, as the oven door was opened many times by little hands anxious to taste the finished product.

The post-taste verdict: the recipe is a "keeper". Added bonus: the grated carrot and beet pieces look like little jewels in each piece.

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