Sunday, April 08, 2007

We are homeschooling evangelists

It happened again yesterday...

So, how's your homeschooling going?

Very well, thanks! S is learning by leaps and bounds. We're also enjoying the freedom which homeschooling has given our lifestyle.

What textbook are you using?

None, actually. We're using the Waldorf curriculum as our starting point, and are using supporting resources as we go along. Many of our learning opportunities come about during our daily life. Why, just the other day, we did ...

Say, what about testing?

No tests.


Yup, that's correct. Now, we *are* required to have reviews, and the options for this include the following ...

Hey, that sounds pretty good.

Thanks, we think so, too.

Whether I'm speaking to a playmate's parents, neighbors, or colleagues at work, I'm finding time and again that the conversation is not just about homeschooling; it's just as much about Homeschooling. Sure, we talk about how things are going for S this year. More than that, though, it's a "teachable moment," an opportunity to share with these folks what homeschooling is, and what the requirements are in our state. As I share these thoughts on this Easter Sunday, it's perhaps fitting that I come away from these conversations feeling like a homeschooling evangelist.

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