Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Looking torward the end of our First Grade year

Our second County review for the academic year is just one week from Thursday. That's got me doing a lot of thinking about what we've done together since last summer, what's gone well, what hasn't, what I'd do differently, etc.

One lesson learned is that I didn't do enough to mark the beginning of the "school year". I had it all worked out in my head, but poor S., as it turned out, wasn't reading my mind. :-)

Recalling that experience, I want to be more concrete about wrapping up the year. Ask and ye shall receive! Along come David Darcy's suggestions for Year-End Celebrations.

I've noticed how much S. enjoys looking at and reading through his work. He's gone through his number book many times, for example. Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get him to put anything down on paper. But, he's so proud of the results afterwards! And, what a great review of concepts he has as he muses over the pages!

So, I'm thinking of inviting over grandparents and perhaps a few other people who'd be pleased to look back over the past months of "school" with us, displaying some writing/art/etc. examples, weaving in a song or two, and enjoying some cake or other goodies together. Maybe we can even do a crafty activity.

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