Sunday, July 01, 2007

We'll drink to that! - Our end-of-year celebration

Deciding on when to end S's first grade year was somewhat arbitrary... Sunday, July 1, seemed like a good date...

The next question, then, was how to celebrate. Here's what we did:

I pulled out the books I'd made with S's work -- his Number Book, his Letter Book, and other written/drawn items. Then, I collected handwork and artwork from the past months. As I was collecting, S drifted by periodically, delighting in looking back over what he had accomplished.

After dinner, I cleared a space on the table, and brought in my collection. The whole family participated in the retrospective. What a lot of ground we covered over the course of "first grade!"

And then, it was time for dessert! Featuring blueberries! From a local pick-your-own farm! We'd gone online to find a suitable recipe, and settled on this simple and delicious Blueberry Smoothie. We added a honey drizzle on top, and then enjoyed -- mmmmm!

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  1. Very nice celebration; I like it's simplicity. I am searching for a way to bring recognition and commencement to Lily's' ending her elementary/junior high period and moving on to "high school." I've been wracking my brain...I think I'll take it down a few notches make it meaningful.