Saturday, June 30, 2007

When you cook, you need a drying rack for the greens

I'm rereading Mitten Strings for God right now. Inspired by the segments that were my "light bus commute reading" today, I invited T. to help me prepare dinner. He demanded his toque, and off we went. We made a beet soup, and cooked up some collard greens and chard, all ingredients of goodness from our CSA.

While I was working on the soup, T. was at the kitchen table, working with the greens. He was happily singing to himself. Then, I heard some lyrics about a drying rack. The next thing I knew, he started making trips to the oven door handle, explaining that the greens needed to dry on the "drying rack" before he could cut them into smaller pieces. So, onto the "rack" they went!

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