Thursday, December 13, 2007

What we are reading this Advent season

Ein Esel geht nach Bethlehem - bild von"Und als das Kind ihm freundlich zulächelte, da wusste der kleine Esel, dass der neue König auch dem geringsten seiner Geschöpfe Liebe schenkt."

And when the infant gave him [the donkey] a friendly smile, the donkey knew that the new king loved even the least of his creatures.

This story about traveling to see the newborn Christchild is told from the donkey's perspective.

We read the German version of Ein Esel geht nach Bethlehem, by Gerda Merie Scheidl; the English version, titled The Little Donkey, is surely equally touching.

S gave a contented sigh as we reached the end, saying that this was the nicest story he'd heard.

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