Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Valentine's Day Eve

S's afternoon class was canceled today, due to the weather. (I wish I had known that *before* we drove over there...) Anyway, that gave us an unexpectedly free afternoon, perfect for "teatime."

By request, we sipped hot chocolate instead of tea. And, instead of something seasonally appropriate, S and T polished off some (yummy) Christmas cookies we still had stashed away. But, I digress...

We attempted this tongue twister from zzzebra:
Zehn zahme Ziegen zogen zehn Zentner Zucker zum Zoo.
We sampled some Valentine's Day verses, and this one was the overwhelming favorite:
Wenn die Flüsse aufwärts fließen,
und die Hasen Jäger schießen,
und die Mäuse Katzen fressen,
dann erst will ich dich vergessen.
And, we talked a little about the origins of Valentine's Day.

And, did I mentioned we had hot chocolate?

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