Thursday, February 21, 2008

When having the wrong key taught me more about playing

This morning, I was scheduled to chat with children at a local preschool about worm composting. I left the house on time, commuted to my office, picked up the books I needed there, and headed off (still on time!) to the final leg of my trip. I was borrowing a car, and had picked up the key two days ago, so that I'd have it ready to use. Only...

When I got to the car, and inserted the key into the lock, nothing happened. So, I tried another door, and then yet a third one, just to be sure. No dice. Wrong key. I called the school to say that I'd be a little late, and then walked back to my office at top speed. I confirmed that I'd been given the key for another vehicle, swapped keys for the correct one, and dashed back.

Given the luxury of being in the car all by myself, I tuned the radio to NPR. About halfway to my destination, the story on how "Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills" aired. Spending hours playing... making up their own rules... improvising... Didn't *that* sound familiar?! I have two experienced little practioners! The more I heard, the more my ears perked up. What validation to Waldorf-inspired homeschooling, and to the many hours my guys have whiled away in the yard and in the house, spinning endless tales for themselves!

About the presentation... yes, I did make it there, and and we had a delightful time talking about worms, observing them, and putting together a worm bin for the school. But, had that original key been the correct one, I'd have been out of the car and in a classroom when that piece on play came over the radio waves!


  1. I love stories like this. I have an entire BLOG where I share stories like this :) Thanks for enjoying the "Cheeto Flames". I think is is also serendipitous that I stopped by here tonight...I have been getting ready to do some worm composting with the kids so this is a nice reminder! And I continue to LOVE your German verses! Thank you for sharing those. Do you make them up or do you have a favorite book? - Kristie

  2. @ Kristie ~

    Thank you for your enthusiastic support!

    And I continue to LOVE your German verses! Thank you for sharing those. Do you make them up or do you have a favorite book?

    I have found some material online, and have taken other bits and pieces from books I have at home. Taking inspiration from your question, I'll post more about these over time. :-)

    I also appreciate your question because it caused me to remember a German-language book of fables I'd gotten *specifically* for second grade, and which I'd forgotten about (oops!). Yes, I've quickly pulled it out, and will put it into service over the coming weeks.