Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Spring!

To welcome Spring, we've been reading Aufgewacht, der Fruehling kommt!, by Sigrid Laube and Silke Leffler. It's published by the Annette Betz Verlag (Austria) -- check 'em out, as their books include quite a few gems for children.

It's a lovely story about how Spring is eager to arrive on March 21, only... the calendar page hasn't yet been turned... The illustrations are delightful as well. (The cover shows the Daffodil, Snow Drop, Violet, and the Erdfrau.)

Among the conversation topics our reading inspired were zwiebeln (bulbs) and whether the ones from which flowers grow are the same ones we eat (Gr. zwiebel = onion). And, on a prowl for signs of Spring, we noted yesterday that yes, our violets are starting to bloom!

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