Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clearing off the 2008 To-Do list

My parents' birthday tradition for us children was that we got to have a birthday ring -- with candle! -- at our place at the table.  So, when my sister welcomed a family addition this year, I decided that her family, too, should have such a ring!  Only... that remained a good intention until today.  There were several to-do items on my mental to-do list, and accomplishing the birthday ring purchase was one of them!

After a bunch of web research, and comparing the various rings and sets I found, I settled on the 16-hole birthday ring set from Nova Natural.  This one doesn't have any figures with it -- I'm thinking that we can perhaps make these over time, and send them to the Birthday Children on their special days...  Yup, another to-do list item... :-)  (However, this one is not for 2008, so that's not a problem.)

As usual, one weblink led to the next for me, and... I went on a tangent for Advent Spirals, finding, among other things, this lovely, lovely, lovely idea for a felted Advent Spiral from Harmony Valley Homeschool!  Harmony Valley, in turn, linked to this tutorial for the felted Advent Spiral mat.  Hmm... do I sense another 2009 To-Do list item? ;-)

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