Monday, January 19, 2009

Name your poison! - our Grade 3 health lesson today

We generally cover health, wellness, and safety throughout the course of our regular day, seizing the moment as opportunities arise.  For example, when we had pancakes (yes, for dinner) the other night, S announced that he wanted to help make them.  Fine!  I showed him how, and he set to work.  Of course, where you find S, T is not far behind.  So, I had two chefs at work.

S carefully showed T how to pour in the batter, and how to flip the pancakes.  T watched attentively, his sleeve coming ever closer to the danger zone around the stove burner.  A-ha!  Perfect chance to talk -- and more importantly at the time! -- to act on the importance of keeping clothing away from the burner.  Crisis averted.  Safely lesson imparted.  Yummy pancakes consumed. 

But, for documenting our "regular and thorough instruction" in this subject, more formal lessons come in handy.  At a recent health fair, I picked up a DVD from our local Poison Control Center.  The boys watched it this morning.  The DVD holds some printable support materials, too, but these didn't show up on any of our computers.  So, I went online in search of these.  My finds included:
It's the sort of information you hope you never need to apply, but that it's very good to know just in case.

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