Saturday, February 07, 2009

Easy, healthy Valentine's Day snack for kids (and grownups, too)

heart-shaped Valentine's Day snacks on plate
Today was our day to supply snacks for S's class.   But, what to send along?  Muffins came to mind as "single-serve" goodies for a group of elementary-school-aged children.  Still, wasn't there anything else?  I scoured my resources, found nothing I wanted to make, and then... contemplated the ingredients we had on hand in the first place...

Since it was a week before Valentine's Day, I thought it might be nice to incorporate a heart-shape theme somehow...  And then...


I retrieved my heart-shaped cookie cutter, got my ingredients ready, and then set to work with my cutting board to mass-produce heart-shaped "sandwiches" of sorts.

flour tortillas (up the health factor with whole-wheat tortillas)

I put one heart of ham, and one heart of cheese between two tortilla hearts.  The results: a whole lotta love on each plate - LOL!

I sent along three plates full of these sandwiches.  S reported that there were merely 4 hearts left at the end, and that these were snatched up when their availability was announced.

All in all, a success!

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