Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now celebrating: a rabbit birthday!

The other day, T announced that we needed to bake a cake.  Why?  Well, of course, because it was Rabbie's birthday.  And, we didn't need just any old cake.  It needed to be a carrot cake.  Why?  Because carrots are Rabbie's favorite vegetable.  (In case you are keeping close notes, T added that cherries are her favorite fruit.)

It just wasn't possible to crank out a cake that day.  No problem!  T moved the birthday.  Today's the day!

Cake production commenced.  It had been a while since I pulled the Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book out (it used to be my go-to book, but then Google was developed...), but I had a feeling that it would contain a basic Carrot Cake recipe for Rabbie's special occasion.  BHG didn't disappoint.  I grated, and stirred, and baked.

In honor of the coincidence with Valentine's Day, I pulled the heart-shaped cookie cutter off the drying rack, and pressed it back into service.  Because I intended to send some of the "results" to some other recipients, I opted to put the frosting inside, rather than on top of, the hearts.

Voila!  (For reference, yes, the cake hearts traveled well in their containers.)

Here's the birthday girl, complete with her birthday crown:

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