Friday, June 08, 2007

How to make Elderflower Syrup

The elderberry bush in our yard has grown by leaps and bounds. Right now, it's in full bloom! So, that got me thinking about Holunderbl├╝tensaft -- Elderflower Juice (or Syrup)... which, of course, I'd never made from scratch.

So, I hit the web for advice.

One website mentioned that the flowers tend to attract, er, wildlife. Sure enough, while I was zooming around looking for recipes via Google, I was visited by a variety of little critters. So, beware when you bring in your harvested flowers! :-)

One small problem was most of the recipes call for citric acid, not something I had on hand. Therefore, I hunted further until I found one without that ingredient.

This is the recipe I ended up using, modified for quantity -- since I had no idea how I'd like the result, and didn't have enough bottles/jars in which to store it, I didn't want to have 3 pints on hand.

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